Podcast Interview: Unlocking Human Potential Through The Feldenkrais Method

Big thanks to Chandler Stevens for sitting down to an interview with Jeff Haller! They discussed how the Feldenkrais Method is more than a remedy for stiff hips and back pain… it’s fundamentally a way to harness the creative potential of the human organism and restore our emotional dignity. .

Join Free Online Talks about the FTA

Join us for a series of free online discussions with Educational Director Jeff Haller and staff about the new Feldenkrais Training Academy. We’ll discuss what it’s like to be a Feldenkrais Practitioner, applications of the Feldenkrais Method, training curriculum, case studies, and other related topics. We look forward to you joining us for some or all of these conversations. Upcoming talks: Thursday, … Read More

Take a Weekend Workshop—Experience What Training to be a Feldenkrais Practitioner is Like!

We’re offering pre-training workshops across the country (and beyond!) through September 2018. These weekend workshops are a great way to experience what training to be a Feldenkrais Practitioner is like. Workshops are coming to Seattle, Vancouver, BC, Canada, Berkeley, Portland, OR, and Madison, WI, with more to be announced! Click here for more info and to register.

Emotional Well Being through the Feldenkrais Method®

In 2018, Jeff Haller gave a free talk online, sharing his perspective on Moshe Feldenkrais’ teaching during the last practitioner training he led in Amherst, MA, 1980-1981. In Jeff’s words: Moshe is saying, there’s a difference between learning to care for your conditioning and learning to care for yourself. That’s a paradox, because the students in the training program have … Read More

Watch Past FTA Talks

From September 2017 to August 2018, we offered a series of free online talks to discuss the Feldenkrais Training Academy, what it’s like to be a Feldenkrais Practitioner, applications of the Feldenkrais Method, and other related topics. If you missed the talks or want to experience them again, click on the links below! September 7, 2017: For already-certified Feldenkrais practitioners … Read More

Jeff on Transformational Talk Radio

Thanks to Mary Jane Mack for welcoming Jeff to her Transformational Talk Radio on October 19, 2017. Listen in as they discuss the Feldenkrais Method and the mind-body experience of overall wellness.

Competency is Key

A central tenet of the Feldenkrais Method assumes that human beings have transformational potential and that all people, regardless of their age or condition, can learn. At the core of the Feldenkrais Method is a fluid and dynamic state of mind that fosters a process of inquiry rather than one that seeks to define solutions. Years ago, the faculty of the Feldenkrais Training … Read More